MY-PRESSURE 记一次有趣的作业

本文最后更新于 2024年3月31日 凌晨

  • The food in the school cafeteria is as good as chocolate shit.😋😋

  • Ricky, our English teacher, no longer allows us to watch movies in English appreciation class. Not a nice guy.😡😡

  • Although the food in the canteen is very delicious, three meals a day is not enough for me.😇😇

  • No longer see the virtue class, so that my mind has become very empty and confused.😅😅

  • I don’t have a girlfriend.😔😔

  • Sleeping time is too little for me, and I am always sleepy in class every day.😰😰

  • Morning exercises are terrible for me. Every time I feel so tired that I feel like I’m strangled by the throat and I can’t breathe.😱😱

  • There is a lot of homework assigned every day, and there is not enough time to do what I like, such as reading.🙃🙃

  • It’s not fair that we seldom take part in any activities organized by the school.😨😨

  • Morning exercises leave us too little time to get up and wash, and we always have to run to the playground.🤪🤪

MY-PRESSURE 记一次有趣的作业